Smaller means more ‘student-friendly’

Smaller means more ‘student-friendly’

by Lesley Graham

Because we’re not a large institution, our tutors can offer genuine ‘one-on-one’ input to individual students.

Believe it or not, there is generally more ‘personal’ contact between student and tutor in our distance education lessons than in a face-to-face classroom. We get to know our students and are able to address their needs individually.

Judy, our trainer had this to say as to why she likes training by distance education:

... 'Personal' contact with students - one on one - you really seem to get to know them. If a student needs more input I am able to provide it - in a classroom situation I would be neglecting the rest of the class. I’m able to adjust my teaching techniques to suit the individual student - again this would be limited in a classroom situation ...

A win/win for students and tutors:

Tutors also benefit in many ways from our distance education model...

  1. There is more 'personal' contact with our students
  2. We can to adjust teaching techniques to suit the individual student, (which would be limited in a classroom situation)
  3. There’s the satisfaction of reaching people in remote areas and helping them achieve their career goals and aspirations
  4. Tutors can work in their own time and at their own pace
  5. There’s no travelling long distances to conduct classes
  6. No need to worry if a class may be cancelled through lack of numbers
  7. Enrolments are spread more evenly over the year instead of set classes
  8. There’s an ability to offer extensions to students with genuine personal obligations

In some cases, 'classroom' tutors are coming to acknowledge that ultimately they will have to make the change to the more flexible distance education model because of falling attendances at their classes. And depending on the work contract, a distance education tutor may be paid a rate per student as opposed to an hourly rate per class, making it a more economically viable proposition.

From personal experience as a tutor, because of my other commitments, I can say that I probably would have had to give up work years ago if it wasn’t for the flexibility of being able to work as a distance tutor.

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