Businesses benefit from distance education training

Businesses benefit from distance education training

by Lesley Graham

Employers wishing to offer staff medical administration courses should consider distance education. It often trumps traditional classroom teaching.

Research has shown that distance education performs well when compared with the grades and pass rates achieved through classroom-based education. And there are also many advantages for both student and employer:

  • Staff are not diverted away from duties for long periods of time with ‘Training Leave.’
  • After spending a full day at work, employees have less incentive to travel and attend classes.
  • They can study in their own time and pace without disruption to social and family life.
  • Distance education is flexible. There’s the options of home-based study, or a combination of workplace/home-based study. Plus the option of ‘blended delivery’, where tutors also personally speak to their students.
  • There is generally more ‘personal’ contact between student and tutor in our distance education lessons than in a face-to-face classroom.
  • Students can be enrolled at any time.
  • Our distance medical administration courses are an economically viable option, saving businesses time and resources.

A good example of a business who benefitted from our distance education model was the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Mount Isa that needed to put some of their staff through a Medical Terminology Course.  Because of distance, it would have meant sending staff away for training (which would have been very expensive) - whereas our distance course meant less or no time away from the job.

The following feedback was sent from the manager after the students completed our course:

... I am more than happy with the training our staff received and it has significantly improved the standard of medical secretarial service we give to our doctors. 

In the past I was also able to train staff of insurance companies quite successfully via distance education. One company chose to do the training totally via distance whilst another chose a blended delivery – I was able to go and speak to the staff for a few hours to steer them on the right track. 

Distance education offers valuable solutions to both employers and employees.

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