Key benefits of Distance Education for Medical Transcription

Key benefits of Distance Education for Medical Transcription

Improved productivity for the employer and improved career success for employees comes through building skills via our distance education model. Whether it’s training or upskilling in the Medical Transcription business, we have solutions for students, graduates and employers.

Upskilling and retraining staff is a major factor in ensuring workforces remain productive.  Many of our distance students have come through employment agencies wishing to upskill staff. Over the years this is some of the feedback I have gained from staff regarding retraining their clients:

  • Distance education gives a greater availability of diverse courses
  • Clients often won’t stick to long courses so short, distance-courses work out well
  • Clients aren’t tied down to long courses before they can look for employment
  • Clients often have transport problems attending face to face classes
  • Clients often lack confidence to the point where they don’t want to go to face to face classes

We have found that completion of the course is definitely helped if there is a contact or liaison person (often a case manager) who can help the student with time management.  Some of the agencies have arranged for the student to go and sit at a computer for a couple of hours at certain times each week.  This definitely helps them to have a quiet time to study if it is noisy, say at home.

Placement Support

While employment agencies are sending employees to LGTC for retraining, we are also sending our graduates in another direction. We often offer our graduates placement support by referring them to places that can offer them potential employment after they’ve completed their training.

We referred Laura Rosen to a business partner, Gold Coast Medical Typing.

Laura says:

Hi Peter ... Just a quick email to thank you for putting me in touch with Gold Coast Medical Typing! Sue contacted me and I am now set up as a contractor and have just begun my first transcribing! I am so happy as this has come at a financially critical time in my life. The Advanced Medical Terminology course has gained me 2 jobs thus far… what an amazing outcome! Thank you again ...

We work to provide a wide spectrum of quality support and education for our graduates, students and clients in the Medical Administration industry.

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advanced medical terminology course lands 2 jobs