Key benefits of Distance Education in Medical Administration

Key benefits of Distance Education in Medical Administration

by Lesley Graham

One of the great advantages of Distance Education is the flexibility of having more personal control over what you want to get from our courses.

When students require professional qualifications in Medical Administration - like Terminology, Transcription or Reception - the alternative to distance learning is usually an evening or weekend course at a Further Education College. However, attending regular classes can be impossible for some due to their remote location and for others due to their busy lifestyle. (And classroom learning can test the commitment of even the most dedicated student, particularly when there’s considerable travel involved).

Two of our students - Joanne and Susan - both had difficulty attending classes for different reasons

I just love Joanne’s address - Rowena (near Bore Hole Number one – two hours from Narrabri). This is her story:

... Being a full time mum I decided that it was time to further my education so I could have more career choices. I live in a small country town of Rowena in NSW. We have a primary and preschool, a shop, fuel station and a pub. I live on a farm and our roads are black soil so it doesn’t take much water to stop a four wheel drive getting through. (The mail gets delivered three times a week – if it’s not raining). (The phone was often out). I find living on the farm to be very time consuming and Distance Education can fit in with my daily life.  If you do have problems it only takes a phone call or fax to sort it out.  I’m in the process of doing another course by Distance Education and can’t wait until I start ...

key benefits distance ed med administration

Susan’s story is quite different, but also highlights the difficulties in attending classes:

... I chose distance education as it fit better into my lifestyle. I have a five year old daughter who I enjoy helping out at school; a 13 year old daughter who requires a lot of support at the moment; and a 15 year old son who I get the most quality time with just after school. By taking the distance learning course I could fit my time around the kids and still meet all deadlines. I work from home and found I could juggle study and assignments between work and family most effectively this way. By continuing my education now while family life is so hectic and update my skills, I hope to be ready for the transition to the workforce outside the home when the family settle down ...

... So I chose distance learning for lifestyle convenience - time management, cost effectiveness, freedom, ease of correspondence and communication via internet or phone, no transport hassles, no makeup classes for illness/emergency - just email the situation and ask for extension. You seem to have more control over what you want to get out of the course ...

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