Medical Transcription Training – Is a Diploma better?

Medical Transcription Training – Is a Diploma better?

by Lesley Graham

This is a question I have been asked many times recently by prospective students in relation to Medical Transcription training.

At LGTC we offer an accredited Medical Transcription Skills Set, other training organisations are promoting a Medical Documentation Diploma at around 5 times the cost. Which do you need? Which is better?

I think to answer that we need to consider why we seek training.  

At the end of the day it is the same for all of us – we want to work; and we train to assist us to find  work or, if we already have a job, to find a better one. So do you need a diploma to get a job or do you need a Skills Set?  

What is a Skills Set?

Skills Sets can be defined as industry - specific qualifications. The Training Package Development Handbook defines a Skills Set as: 'combinations of units of competency from an endorsed training package which provide a clearly defined statement of the skills and knowledge required by an individual to meet industry needs’.

So, in simple terms, successfully completing Skills Set training will provides documented proof that you have the practical skills required for employment in a particular field; practical training.

LGTC Medical Transcription Skills Set is training for someone starting in Medical Transcription. However it is very comprehensive, with adequate training assist in gaining employment in the medical transcription field. Along with the obviously important technical aspects of Medical Transcription, our course offers comprehensive instruction in Medical Terminology, which is obviously the key to accuracy in this field. I don’t believe that everyone needs a diploma qualification to work in this field; the diploma is really aimed at the practice manager level.

We have feedback from various employers who have given positions to our completing students, and the main thing they tell us they are looking for is - accuracy.  Successful completion of our course will ensure you the skills you need to work in the Medical Transcription field and proof that you have those skills; on successful completion, the training is formally recognised with a statement of attainment from our host RTO.

So - is a Diploma better?

Not necessarily. In fact it may be an unnecessary investment in time and money if you are just starting in this field. Why not check out the details of our Medical Transcription training here.

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