About Medical Transcription and how to find work in this field

About Medical Transcription and how to find work in this field

by Lesley Graham

We have all seen our Doctors and Specialists talking into their voice recorders after consulting with patients. This is how busy physicians take notes and save the time taken to key the information into computer records.

Medical transcription is the process of converting those voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians or other healthcare professionals, into text. Medical Transcription assumes a good knowledge of medical terminology, together with fast (50wpm) and accurate typing skills.

LGTC Medical Transcription Skills Set is industry recognised training. Successful completion of the course will ensure you learn the skills you need to work in the Medical Transcription field and proof that you have those skills. On successful completion the course, your training is formally recognised with a statement of attainment from our host RTO (Registered Training Organisation). Employment in this field might be directly in a clinic or Doctor's or Specialist's surgery.  

Prefer to work from home? We offer Placement Support

Lately it is becoming common for individuals to work from home (for themselves or for a company), typing case notes, which makes it desirable for many. On successful completion of our course, if you request, we will forward your details to an employer in the Medical Transcription field.  This employer offers remote employment (ie. working from home), so where you live is not an issue. However, please note - this is not a guaranteed interview or offer of employment. This organisation is totally separate to us; they have their own, very high, standards.  Any offer of employment will come from them.

We do not receive commission for our referrals; this is a service we offer our successful students.

References: http://www.lgtc.com.au/courses/medical-transcription-skills-set

A summary of our LGTC Medical Transcription Skills Set course:
  • Camden Haven Community College Inc is the Registered Training Organisation RTO 90018 for this course.
  • The duration of the course, which begins on enrolment, is twenty four (24) weeks.
  • Study resources will be posted to the student on enrolment, additionally, some are available online.
  • Support and assessments are provided by phone and email.  
  • The cost is $880, discounted for RPL. The course includes basic Medical Terminology units, so we will recognise prior learning if a certificate of attainment has already been achieved.
  • As typing is the core of medical transcription we recommend that the student be a competent typist (50wpm) before enrolment. The competency assessment for this course requires the student to prove 70wpm with 98% accuracy.
  • Successful participants will receive statements of attainment. The units covered include:
    • BSBMED301B Interpret and apply medical terminology appropriately
    • BSBADM411A Produce complex texts from audio transcription
    • BSBRES401A Analyse and present research information
    • BSBWRT401A Write complex documents
    • BSBITU307A Develop keyboarding speed and accuracy

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