Helping people reach their potential via Distance Education

Helping people reach their potential via Distance Education

by Lesley Graham

We try and get feedback from students after courses, to see where we might improve but also to see what we are doing right.

Some of the phrases have been very touching like:

"... Thank you for giving me the opportunity ..."

Early on I received a note from a lady named Elizabeth. She worked in a Fish and Chip shop in rural Australia. She was aged sixty and because of family commitments hadn’t been able to get much of an education. By doing several units at a time she was able to complete a Certificate in Business. Elizabeth was very enthusiastic about distance education and said:

"... We all have to be able to dream, haven’t we ..."

That’s what distance education does – helps people in difficult situations start to reach their dreams.

Our Distance Education programs could be an ideal method for you, if:

  • You are managing a family or have work responsibilities that mean you can’t attend classes in person
  • You live in a remote area where there is limited access to education
  • You are travelling within Australia or overseas
  • Your local institution doesn’t offer the course
  • Your time is limited and you need to be able to complete your studies at your own pace

It also means that you can study all year round and not be limited by the traditional semesters. (You can therefore fast-track your study and complete your qualifications earlier).

While distance learning may suit time and location restraints, some people might have reservations about learning this way, (particularly if they are used to a classroom learning environment such as school - or if it has been a while since studying). In that case, some may find that they need to adjust to distance education.

We are aware of this and offer our students personal support throughout the courses that will help get them, and keep them, on the right track.

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