How to become job-ready in Medical Transcription

How to become job-ready in Medical Transcription

Something that has caught us by surprise is the sudden upswing in enquiries and enrolments for our Medical Transcription Skills Set. While this is very exciting for us, it has gotten us wondering – why the sudden popularity of this course?

I think the answer lies with a question we are often asked:

"... Will this training help me get a job? ..."

Basically, our prospective students want to know that their money is well spent; they want assurance that they would get employment after successfully completing our Skills Set course.

So we know that people seek our training because they believe it will genuinely help them get a job and Medical Transcription is a very desirable job for many.

Why? Because of how the industry has evolved ...

  • The current model sees large medical transcription agencies providing services for Australia’s biggest health providers.
  • The agencies distribute work to employees or contractors commonly working from home, (which can be anywhere in Australia).
  • Audio files are distributed to the employee and they return the completed typed case notes to the agency electronically.

Working from home is the ideal situation for many… some who simply want to work from home and others who find it inconvenient to get out to work.

So, has undertaking the LGTC ‘Medical Transcription Skills Set’ helped our students get jobs? 

We have referred a number of our students to a transcription bureau that we have a business association with - and I am proud to say many have found employment there.  This is a great outcome! And even better when you know that the bureau has their own very high standards and they conduct rigorous pre-employment tests to applicants.

We certainly can’t guarantee everyone a job, but I can say that successful completion of our Medical Transcription Skills Set will ensure that the student has the skills needed to work in the field of Medical Transcription.

(We do not receive commission for our referrals. This is a service we offer our successful students).

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