Medical Transcriptionists: the new Virtual Assistants

Medical Transcriptionists: the new Virtual Assistants

Many medical organisations are now taking advantage of the ‘Virtual Assistant’ – a remotely located Medical Transcriptionist or Administration Assistant, generally working from home-base.

This is the new face of the office; a freelance operator with the relevant qualifications and skills of a full-time employee, yet flexible enough to be available as required. 

Online technology is not only rapidly changing the face of employment, but also of learning. There’s no doubt about it, the online learning options we offer Medical Administration Students have grown exponentially over the years. Distance Education is fast becoming the education choice, particularly for people living in outlying suburbs or rural areas where local colleges cannot offer them the relevant qualifications.

Online opportunities also allow us to push into a new world of industry networking, where Trainers (Distance Education Schools, like LGTC), Providers (Medical Employment Agencies), and Employers (The Healthcare Industry) – can communicate with each other. This is a win-win situation, where these bodies can share beneficial information.

One example of where LGTC is right now is our developing partnerships with particular Medical Employment Agencies.

While Medical Employment Agencies are sending staff to LGTC for upskilling and retraining, we are also sending our successful graduates in another direction: to the Employment Agencies. We often provide our graduates with placement support by referring them to Employment Agencies that can offer them potential employment.

For some years now, LGTC has had a successful partnership with Gold Coast Medical Typing, where many of our Student-Graduates have attained – and are attaining worthwhile jobs in Medical Transcription and related Medical Administration employment.

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Graduates can now benefit from our new partnership

We are now pleased to announce our latest partnership with OzeScribe, described as the most experienced Transcription Company in Australia -

Because of the exponential growth of the Healthcare Industry, OzeScribe are experiencing a large increase in business, and need to be recruiting more Medical Transcriptionists to keep up with the demands of the industry.

Our partnership with OzeScribe now provides our graduates with another avenue of opportunity for employment through our referrals.

OzeScribe and Gold Coast Medical Typing, require a high degree of professionalism and accuracy from their Medical transcriptionists, plus the recognised industry qualifications. LGTC are proud to be selected by them as a respected training entity that are trusted to recommend quality graduates to the Healthcare Industry.

On successful completion of our course, graduates may elect that we forward their details to these employers in the Medical Transcription field that offer remote employment (i.e. working from home).

Please note - this is not a guaranteed interview or offer of employment.  These organisations are totally independent and have their own standards, so any offer of employment will come directly from them. We do not receive commission for our referrals; this is a service we offer our successful students.

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Medical Transcriptionists are in demand

Medical Transcriptionists play a Vital Role in a variety of health care settings and are needed in every type of health care facility. This includes:

  • Hospitals
  • Doctors’ Offices
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Facilities
  • Emergency Departments
  • Nursing Care Facilities
  • Home Health Care Services

Due to an aging population, there is now a growing demand for medical examinations and treatments, leading to an increased need for Medical Typing and Transcription to organize and manage this data in all areas of the Health Care Industry.

We have noticed an increase in enrolments for our Medical Transcription courses, with 33% of all our courses now dedicated to Medical Transcription alone – and that is also considering that this is a longer course.

Another indicator of interest in this employment segment, is the fact that over half (55%) of our students are enrolling for ‘typing’ courses, specifically: Medical Typing. (One of the courses that make up a Cert III) plus Medical Transcription and Medical Audio Typing.

2016 could well be the year that LGTC Medical Administration Training can provide you with the learning that will set you up for success in a thriving field.

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