Announcing: major improvements to our Medical Administration courses

Announcing: major improvements to our Medical Administration courses

by Peter Graham

We are currently undertaking the biggest shake-up of our training courses in a decade!

What have we done?

We have consolidated the number of courses that make up our popular Cert III in Business Admin Medical from 4 to 3.  The certificate is now composed of:

These 3 courses provide the 13 units required to complete the Cert III. Happily with this reorganisation we have been able to ensure that there has only been a minimum increase to the total cost of Cert III: total cost is now $2065, as detailed above.

To accomplish this we have distributed the 4 units that made up the “Gap Units” course (I always disliked that term), into the Medical Reception and Medical Typing courses.

What are “gap” units anyway?

These are general units required to complete admin training, necessary, but not really a course in themselves. Including them in the Reception & Typing courses have rounded these courses out, making them more comprehensive and practical. They:

  • Contribute to Health & Safety of Self and Others
  • Organise Personal Work Priorities & Development
  • Organise Schedules
  • Develop Keyboard Speed and Accuracy

Why have we done it? To help us, and to help you.

How does this help us?

An obvious benefit to us is to ease the burden of the ever tedious admin involved in administering the courses; admin, printing and distribution costs are all reduced.  To complete the Cert III a student only need to enrol in 3 courses instead of 4.

How does this help you?

Reduced admin means reduced costs, which means we can continue to offer our excellent training at a reasonable cost. Our Typing and Reception Courses are now more comprehensive and practical and far better value for money.  We believe these courses are now excellent stand-alone courses in themselves.

You will find all the details and enrolment directions on our website.

We are excited by these changes and look forward with you to a great year in medical admin training!

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