Podcast: 2016 – A really great win/win year

Podcast: 2016 – A really great win/win year


by Peter Graham

Last year was a breakthrough year all round – both for us and our students. Our enrolments doubled in 2016 – a 100% increase on the previous year!

A top completion rate says a lot about the quality of our training

If we were pleased with our student completion rate of 85% in 2015; we are totally delighted and proud of our 2016 result:

90% of students successfully completed their distance education courses and gained valuable qualifications.

To put this in perspective, the national average completion rate for vocational training was just 25% over the same period. (i.e., of every 4 enrolees, 3 didn’t complete their training). And this figure is down from 34% in 2015. Government funded training (meaning taxpayer funded), achieved a mere 7% completion rate, wasting taxpayer’s contributions to the tune of 100’s of millions of dollars.

3 practical reasons for our successful distance education business model:

  1. We have the most experienced & successful training staff. We believe our staff to be far and away the best in this industry category in Australia.
  2. Our courses are designed to be really practical – they are all aimed at providing genuine employment opportunities.
  3. The calibre of our students is outstanding. They are sincerely motivated and want to complete their courses to improve their suitability for real job opportunities.
The changing nature of enrolments over 2016

At LGTC, we have the flexibility to modify our courses according to changing requirements of the workplace.

For instance, enrolments were dropping dramatically in the Certificate 3 course in Medical Administration (typing / reception / terminology). However, there was a marked swing in enrolments towards our course in Medical Transcription, (Medical Audio Typing).

As Medical Transcription is now seen as providing significant employment opportunities, we have therefore made it our focus course and concluded the Certificate 3 course.

What’s driving the change in our student profiles?

People with a medical background are increasingly seeking out this training. Individuals like registered nurses, for instance. Many are disillusioned with the medical system / industry and they prefer the flexibility to work and study from home, take control of their lives and maybe start a family.