Podcast: Medical Transcription - a dream job for some, but not for all

Podcast: Medical Transcription - a dream job for some, but not for all

by Peter Graham

People may think Medical Transcription is a "too good to be true" dream job – and for some it can be. It can be really great: working at home to your own schedule and choosing the amount of work … plus the independence of getting out of the rat race.

We get feedback from people who have undertaken Distance Education Medical Transcription training and hear positive comments from many who are very happy with their jobs and their employers – but also some negative feedback from a few others.

We set out to examine some of the reasons for this negative disenchantment among some ex-students and job seekers in the field and we would like offer some realistic advice to prospective Distance Education students ...

Do Your Homework

The best advice we can offer is for prospective workers in this field is: do you homework first. By that we mean do some research and check out the plusses and minuses. Talk to transcription companies and prospective employers in the industry. They are across the current employment trends and requirements in the marketplace.

Assess Your Typing Skills

How much are you going to earn? You will be paid by each completed page and so your typing speed is important when working out your prospective income. You will need to be a competent typist with good speeds to succeed in the industry. Those with slower typing skills can unfortunately only expect a very average wage.

Will Your Home Make A Good Office?

Be realistic about what you can accomplish from your home situation and look at your own circumstances. You will need to allocate private time to yourself with minimum disruptions when you are working from home.

Is Your Background Suitable?

Be aware that some companies will prefer those with a medical background for having the right industry ‘perspective’. This is especially true of transcribers that work with medical specialists.

Training Is Not A Job Guarantee

Good training doesn’t guarantee you a job. We offer excellent Distance Education training but cannot offer employment; only an introduction in some cases.

Medical Transcription can be a very rewarding and satisfying career – if all the ‘boxes are ticked’. We urge prospective students to approach this industry with a realistic attitude.