• Can I get an extension?

    At the end of twelve weeks contact your tutor if you need more time, and according to the situation extra time will be given. In exceptional cases extensions are available up to a maximum of 12 months from date of enrolment.

  • How long is the course?

    It is recommended that the course be taken over a period of 12 weeks (3 weeks per assignment). Approximately 5 hours per week should be set aside for study time.

  • What happens if a student fails a section?

    This is competency based training. If there are any areas which need working on, the tutor will ask the student to repeat that section again. Generally up to three attempts will be accepted. If the student is still not competent suggestions will be given for further training.

  • Do I need to purchase extra resources?

    No, there is enough information in the course notes to do the course without purchasing extra resources, however the students are encouraged to do extra research if applicable and possible and in some cases your own initiative. (The internet and library are great sources of extra information).

  • Do I need a computer and access to email?

    If you don’t have a computer or typewriter then neat handwritten assignments are acceptable. Email is the preferred method of receiving assignments and giving feedback however normal post is fine.

  • How are the courses conducted?

    Currently the student receives a welcome letter, study guide and assessments via email (or mail if email not available). A text book and CD (if applicable) is mailed to the student. The students are encouraged to send assignments in via email if available and feedback is provided by email (or if not available by normal postal services). A Facebook page is currently being trialled for uploading videos.

  • I have good office skills, should I take a medical reception or medical terminology course?

    Medical terminology is the qualification medical practitioners look for on a CV or resume when employing medical administration staff. After completing a medical terminology course then consider the medical reception course (talk to your tutor or the college). If you do not have any office skills and would like to work as a medical receptionist then consider doing a medical reception course first to build your confidence.

  • Which course should I take?

    If a student needs an introduction to medical terminology (such as aged care workers), then basic medical terminology may be sufficient. If a student needs an in depth coverage of medical terminology (medical secretaries, paramedics and entry to university courses) then Advanced Medical Terminology would be the choice. Basic terminology can be upgraded to Advanced.

  • What is covered in the courses?

    Please click on the Courses menu item at the top of this website description of each course.

If you have any further questions that you feel should be covered here please Contact Us.